We all want it “to just go back to the way it was.” Well, here is your next, and maybe most important, step to normalcy—the COVID19-Protected Badge that is available by prescription only.

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Get your COVID19-Protected badge and start living life again. Submit a copy of your vaccine card and show others you’re protected against the COVID19 virus.

What can vaccinated people do? Go back to doing what you love!

With your COVID19 vaccination, you can enjoy visiting with other vaccinated individuals, resume domestic travel without self-quarantine, and avoid testing or quarantining after a possible exposure.


of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated (Our World in Data November 24, 2021)


The number of Americans fully vaccinated (Our World in Data November 24, 2021)


Effectiveness against COVID19 according to Pfizer clinical trials and real-world data

Help others feel at ease and start seeing your friends and family again.

How it Works

  • Receive your COVID19 vaccine(s).
  • Complete the registration form for your prescription-only COVID19-Protected badge. Upload a picture/file of your CDC’s COVID19 Vaccination Record Card to our secure database, select any Badge upgrades, and make your payment.

  • The system generates a Prescription Number (Rx) that is unique to you.  It includes the first initial of your first name and the first four letters of your last name followed by a series of unique numbers.  This Prescription Number and the date of your final vaccine will be generated on your COVID19-Protected Badge.  There is no personal information on the COVID19-Protected Badge (your full name, date of birth, address, phone number, or email are not on the Badge).

  • Depending on the date of your last COVID19 Vaccine, your Badge may arrive in a few days or as long as two weeks.  Why? Because the studies show that the antibodies that protect you to the virus after your vaccines peak at Week 2 and therefore that is the safest and earliest time for someone to be out and about.

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The Doctor’s Note You Wear

The COVID19 Protected Badge is designed to be unique to you with a custom badge number and verified by your official vaccination card from the CDC. The prescription-only badge makes it easy for vaccinated individuals to start living life again.

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