Covid19 Protected

We all want it “to just go back to the way it was.” Well, here is your next, and maybe most important, step to normalcy—the COVID19-Protected Badge that is available by prescription only.

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Go back to doing what you love with the COVID19 vaccine and start living life again.

With the CDC announcing that COVID vaccines are effective at reducing the transmission of COVID19 from vaccinated individuals, the only official COVID19 Protected Badge can show others that you’re both safe and protected.

Reclaim your time, go back to doing what you love


of the population is fully vaccinated according to Our World Data


Million doses administered in the US according to Our World Data


Effectiveness against Covid19 according to Pfizer clinical trials

Reclaim your time, go back to doing what you love


of the population is fully vaccinated according to Our World Data


Million doses administered in the US according to Our World Data


Effectiveness against Covid19 according to Pfizer clinical trials

Help others feel at ease and start seeing your friends and family again.

How it Works

  • Complete the form to get on the list for pre-orders.

  • Receive your COVID19 vaccine(s).

  • Production will start soon, and you will receive an email to complete your registration for your prescription-only COVID19-Protected badge. Upload a picture/file of your CDC’s COVID19 Vaccination Record Card to our secure database and make your payment.

  • The system generates a Prescription Number (Rx) that is unique to you.  It includes the first initial of your first name and the first four letters of your last name followed by a series of unique numbers/letters.  This Prescription Number and the date of your final vaccine will be generated on your COVID19-Protected Badge.  There is no personal information on the COVID19-Protected Badge (your full name, date of birth, address, phone number, or email are not on the Badge).

  • Depending on the date of your last COVID19 Vaccine, your Badge may arrive in a few days or as long as two weeks.  Why? Because the studies show that the antibodies that protect you to the virus after your vaccines peak at Week 2 and therefore that is the safest and earliest time for someone to be out and about.

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Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about the badge and how it works

What is the purpose of the COVID19-Protected Badge?

The purpose of the Badge is so that others can easily recognize that you have been vaccinated and are protected. The CDC says that people who have been vaccinated can gather, socialize, etc.  You know—”go back to normal”.  Imagine going to a restaurant with your friends and others around you have no concern that you are not wearing a mask because they can tell that you have been vaccinated and are protected because you have a prescription-only COVID19-Protected Badge.

How big is the Badge?

A standard name tag is 3 inches long and 1 inch high—that’s too big and bulky.  The COVID19-Protected Badge is custom made at 2.36 inches (6 cm) long and 0.9 inches (2 cm) high.

What material is used and how is the Badge finished?

The Badge material is a strong but light-weight plastic.  It is finished with a matte finish to protect it from everyday wear and tear.  All Badges are upgraded free of charge to a magnet back so no holes in your clothing.  Standard jeweler’s pin attachment is available by request (note, this pierces through the clothing).

Where do I wear the Badge?

The COVID19-Protected Badge is meant to be worn on the chest.  We have a patent-pending bracelet (and other items) in the works.  But first we need to get the world ready for this “new norm” so wear it on your chest so others can see that you’ve been Vaccinated and Protected.

Can someone else wear my Badge?

No.  The Badge is prescription-only and can only be worn by you.  Sharing a badge with someone would be unethical and illegal.  Same reason you can’t share your driver’s license with a 12 year old—they haven’t passed the necessary steps to not be a hazard to society.

I want to get a COVID19-Protected Badge for my child/ren. Can I order an extra for my kid?

Since the Badge is prescription only, each and every person will need their own.  At this time, that means you will need to make a separate account for each child and upload their own CDC COVID19 Vaccination Record Card.

What if I lose my Badge?

There is the option to add your phone number on the back of the Badge.  For example, “If lost, please call (213) 555-6789”.  This is your best bet for getting your Badge back without having to order a new one.

Is the Badge available in different colors?

Not yet, but that is in the works!

What if I don’t have my COVID19 Vaccination Record Card?

This is the only evidence you received the vaccine(s).  You will need to obtain a replacement card from the medical provider, facility, or pharmacy that gave you the vaccines in order to upload it to our database.

I see that the current vaccines do a good job protecting against COVID19 virus mutations/variants, but what if I have to get a booster shot in the future?

Good question!  Right now, it looks like we are well-covered…BUT, what if that day ever comes?  Well, good thing you are registered on our website so we can offer discounts on any future Badges you may need!

Is this the Vaccine Passport I’ve been hearing about in the news?

No. The Vaccine Passport is a digital vaccination record that some countries require for international or domestic travel.  For example, if you plan to fly to England then you will need a digital Vaccine Passport on your smartphone to prove that you’ve been vaccinated or tested negative to the COVID19 virus within the past few days.  Note, these digital vaccination records are still in development and very hard to produce as vaccine records often are not available through a centralized database…and many vaccine registries do not have all your vaccine records!  We do plan to someday offer your own prescription-only Badge, if you choose, as a digital Vaccine Passport but that would require a centralized and accurate database of COVID19 vaccines in the United States which currently does not exist.

Show your COVID19 Protected with our line of easy-to-apply badges that prove you’re protected against the virus.

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